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Packing a punch,Punch cigars are renowned worldwide fort their full-bodied ‘punch’ of strength and flavor. Established in 1840 by Don Manuel López, Punch cigars quickly gained recognition for their bold flavors and consistently smooth smoking experience. Don Manuel's dedication to producing fine cigars led to the brand's early success.

The brand's name, "Punch," is believed to be inspired by the famous puppet character Mr. Punch from the Punch and Judy puppet shows. This whimsical name added a touch of charm to the brand and contributed to its distinct identity.

By the 1870s, the brand was acquired by the German Stockmann family, who played a pivotal role in expanding Punch's global presence. The famly even established the Punch factory in Havana, where it continues to produce top-quality cigars today.

Punch cigars are known for their often full-bodied flavor profiles and rich, warmly spiced and earthy tastes. Over the years, Punch has released a variety of cigar lines, each with its unique characteristics. This diversity of offerings has allowed the brand to cater to a wide range of cigar preferences.

Punch remains a beloved member of the modern cigar smokers’ repoirtuiare. A true testament to the enduring legacy of Cuban cigar craftsmanship, Punch’s to the meticulous blending of tobacco has solidified its reputation as a prominent figure in the world of fine cigars.

Today, Punch remains a symbol of quality and tradition in the cigar industry, beloved by aficionados for its consistent delivery of exceptional Cuban cigars.