Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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You can now visit because cigars called the Vegas Robaina Cubans are now available! This cigar provides strength ranges from medium to very strong. The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro is made from premium selected tobacco leaves. It is a big cigar which may start to taste bitter at first but has creamy sweetness afterwards; you can even taste the mocha-coffee tang of the cigar. The well-balance strength of the cigar is satisfactory because you can have medium to intense strength. There is a noticeable intensity of taste when you consume the second third of the cigar. As the intensity escalates, you’ll taste nutty and earth flavour. When you’re in your final third part of the cigar, the taste intensifies more and lingers to the palate. As a whole, the flavours are mix of earthy, woody and sweet tastes. Robaina Don Alejandro is definitely perfect for long chit chat along with a good wine. You can afford this because of its low price at