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The Cigar Experience

A fine cigar is perhaps one of the best things to enjoy in life. Though they may be a guilty pleasure, they are indeed a symbol of being able to stop and enjoy some of the fine things which life has to offer. A well built and good tasting cigar offers more than just a taste, it offers an experience. This is what makes cigars so irresistible, that one just has to stop and light up a stogie every once in a while.

All About Cuban Cigars and our Website

For your cigar experience enjoyment, we are proud to offer the widest selection of Cuban cigars available online. From the popular brands such as Cohiba, Bolivar, and Montecristo, to the specialty and limited edition cigars, we give you the best in choices. From the brands to their sizes, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy every puff you take from our cigars.

The Cigar Wrapper

Cuban cigars are widely noted for their distinct flavor. The aroma of cedar and the subtle nuances of spice and floral and earthy notes are present whether in mild or strong varieties. A lot of the flavor actually comes from the wrapper of the cigar. The shade of the wrapper comes in light to the darker brown colors. The color is mostly from the age of the plant itself and the length of time of drying and curing them. Lighter shades offer a lot of spice and darker shades offer more sweetness. Darker or more mature tobacco leaves have higher oil content and can be stronger in taste.

Whatever your preference may be, from the mild, strong, sweet, and spicy, we will have the cigar that achieves the balance you are looking for. If you’re just starting to enjoy cigars, we’ll recommend the perfect starter cigars or even a selection of different cigars so you can choose which one suits your taste the best. We’ll even suggest the perfect time to enjoy these cigars and what drink pairs best with them.

Cigar Sizes

Cigars come in different vitolas, or sizes. The vitola or size is determined by the length and the gauge or diameter of the cigar. The different vitolas all add something unique to the experience. Larger cigars can be enjoyed for longer periods, while smaller cigars can be great for those quick smoking sessions.

Aside from the length, the diameter or ring gauge of the cigar also offers different experiences when it comes to taste. The balance of the flavors with the strength of the cigar will generally also be changed when the ring gauge changes. The nuances of the gauge size will also have effects on the draw as well as the coolness of the smoke. But whatever the ring size may be, each offers an enjoyable smoking experience for the cigar aficionado.

We can start you off with our coronas and robustos, two of the popular sizes which are perfect in length for a half and hour smoking experience. After which you can get to enjoy the longer or thicker vitolas which offer different taste and smoking experiences. Learning to enjoy a cigar properly takes time, but we’ll help you make the best of it by recommending good brands and sizes for you.

Excellent Condition

Our cigars will always be in the best possible condition for you to enjoy your smoking experience. From the condition of the wrapper to that of the filler, we guarantee that you’ll find that our cigars are always in the perfect shape. From the time you clip the cigar, to the moment you let it rest peacefully on the ashtray, we promise you that the cigar will be perfectly constructed to aid you better in enjoying your cigar.


While we carry luxury brands, we also assure you that our range of cigars is fairly and reasonably priced. Thus you can find a cigar to suit any where from $10 to over $100. With the high end cigars that we carry however, we assure you that every moment smoking it will be a pleasurable experience. It will always be money well spent when you try our cigars.

Storing your Cigars

We recommend that you store your cigars in a humidor in order for you to enjoy them at their best. Cigars require some humidity to keep their flavor and freshness.

A humidor is simply a box which is used to maintain humidity. Usually these are made of wood and are lined with cedar to impart a good flavor and aroma to the cigars, and keep them fresh and protected. Humidors are usually marinated between 68% to 72% relative humidity for the optimum range. A humidification device in the form of a sponge, gel, or tube keeps the box at a good humidity.

Cigars usually stay in the humidor for a few weeks before they are ready to be enjoyed. But ageing in the humidor for months up to several years can also do wonders for improving the flavor of a cigar.

You can find more information about storing cigars and our storage related products here in our website. We’ll help you determine the best way to store your cigars for you to enjoy their flavor the most.

The Best Experience in Ordering your Cuban Cigars

We offer you not just the easiest, but also the best way to order your cigars online. From Cohibas, to Romeo y Julieta and so much more, we have the Cuban cigars you are looking for. All you need to do is visit our website and check out or products. Take time to look at the information available as we guide towards the perfect cigar experience. Ring up your purchase, and just wait for your order to arrive wherever you may be in the world.

We also offer you the best when it comes to service. Not only do we guide you every step of the way, we also handle all your sensitive information with strict confidentiality. We make sure that you are protected as you enjoy your Cuban cigar shopping experience.

The best cigars, in the best condition, through the best shopping experience. We’ll be there for you every step of the way and help you truly enjoy that perfect cigar.