Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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Known as a cigar of the people, Juan Lopez is a uniquely distinguished Cuban cigar brand that traces its origins back to 1876. Founded by Juan López Díaz, a Spanish businessman, the brand was established in Havana, Cuba. Seeking success, López embarked on this venture with a commitment to creating high-quality cigars, and his dedication laid the foundation for a brand known for its craftsmanship.

By 1908, the brand was passed on to Juan López's heirs and later sold to the Sociedad Cosme Del Peso y Cia in 1918. Its legacy of producing exceptional cigars continued, even though the Cuban Revolution in 1960 and the subsequent nationalization of the brand

Over the years, Juan Lopez has remained one of the smaller, niche brands of Cuban cigars, maintaining a reputation for excellence and consistency. The brand's cigars offer its’ dedicated fans a range of flavor profiles, from medium to full-bodied, providing options for a variety of preferences. One of the standout characteristics of Juan Lopez cigars is their dedication to the tradition of handcrafting cigars.

While Juan Lopez may not be as widely recognized as some other Cuban cigar brands, its commitment to quality and tradition has endeared it to aficionados who seek unique and finely crafted cigars. Today, Juan Lopez continues to produce cigars that pay homage to its rich heritage, combining the legacy of its founder with the skill of Cuban cigar artisans to create memorable smoking experiences for connoisseurs around the world.