Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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For all new smokers and for all those smokers who are trying to find a cigar whose strength varies between medium to mild, then the Juan Lopez brand of cigars is the best fit. These cigars are of top quality and the construction of the cigars is perfect and looks very alluring. The cigars carrying this brand name are made from top grade tobacco and give a perfect blend of different tastes from the beginning to the end.
The Juan Lopez brand of cigars was first made in Cuba in the year 1876 when the brand was first created by a gentleman named Juan Lopez. This brand of cigars is still made by hand in Cuba but in smaller quantities than the numbers which were produced earlier.
The Juan Lopez brand of cigars has a Nicaraguan counterpart which is also made by hand in factories in Nicaragua and is known as the Puro variety by the makers of cigars working for the company named Altadis in the United States of America. The Nicaraguan version of the Juan Lopez brand of cigars is made from tobaccos from Nicaragua only with a dark coloured wrapper that is responsible for its rich flavour which tastes incredible. It is available in six sizes and the cigars are given a square cross section.
The Juan Lopez brand of cigars is one of the cigar types that are still made manually. It is regarded as the best cigar ever to be made by hand in Havana though it does not provide a large number of varieties. It is very appealing to all smokers who are Cuban because of its medium flavour.