Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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Medium to full-bodied cigars, Roman Allones come with a very striking silky paper with a milk chocolate color. These cigars come with satisfying aromas emanating from their unique blend of the flavors of cocoa, nuts, earth and a rich mixture of sweet spices. The flawless construction of these traits makes a perfect cigar to smoke after a good dinner. Roman Allones cigars are produced from the tobacco plants of Cuba, with a range constituting full-bodied cigars with wonderful aromas. Upon the first draw of the Ramon Allones cigars, smokers will experience a strong taste but they should find that this is perfectly balanced with the amazing flavors of nuts, earth and black pepper. On the second draw, smokers will be treated to the lovely taste of cocoa, coffee and almonds. Finally, on the third draw, the flavors or dark cherries and oranges will be enjoyed. These are large-sized cigars, allowing the flavors to slowly blend in together which is perfect all throughout the draw. It has a cool smoke with charming aromas. This is a that brand of cigars which has a long fan following and smoking it is like a tradition to them