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El Rey del Mundo
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In the Spanish language El Rey Del Mundo means “King of the World”. In the same way the Mundo brand of cigars is also a king among the cigars made in Cuba. It is said to be the most prestigious brand available in the world. The El Rey Del Mundo brand of cigars is a classic among all of the brands with an extremely pleasant blend of different flavours of tobaccos grown in the Honduras. It has the size of a double corona, great shape and a medium blend of tobacco which is very enchanting combined with fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and the Honduras and binders and wrappers from Sumatra.
This brand of cigars is rich and spicy and rolled by hand by the producers of the Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey cigar brands. These fine cigars are made of binders from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and the Honduras and fillers from Nicaragua. The cigars remind you of the famous wrappers from Oscuro. The 91 rating given to the El Rey Mundo brand of cigars by the world renowned magazines on cigars is worth mentioning.
The El Rey Del Mundo brand of cigars is considered to be the best among all the brands known to the world. This brand has been around since the end of the 19th century. They were initially made by a German gentleman named Emilio Ohmstedt and can be divided into two distinct varieties of cigars. One of the varieties is produced by the company known as Habanos SA where other varieties of the El Rey Del Mundo brand of cigars are made also. The second variety of El Rey Mundo brand of cigars is made by a company known as Villazon who also makes the Don Candido brand of cigars. The El Rey Mundo brand of cigars remained popular with the people of Cuba though not many changes were made to the original brand.
As there came changes in the smoker’s tastes with the change of time, people started favouring brands which were lighter in flavour. Brands like Marlboro Lite and Miller Lite forced the companies to decide to manufacture lighter brands cigars in the Honduras which would be very attractive to the American smokers looking for something else than cigars made in Cuba. The El Rey Mundo brand of cigars always possessed a perfect quality since the day it was first made. You can find this traditional brand of cigars always in the humidors of serious smokers.