Wholesale Program

You are qualified to avail our wholesale program as long as your orders have a minimum total amount of USD 10,000. As part of our total commitment to giving full satisfaction to our regular clients and cigar aficionados, this program is really a potential way of building a long-established relationship for you. Our wholesale program does not need to have a required minimum number of "vitola" which is the unit of measurement of a cigar.  We even delivery bi-weekly which is an exclusive part of this wholesale plan.


The mode of payment for our wholesale program is via bank wire only which is a reasonable system for bulk orders. All your orders will have shipping costs which are greatly affected by the package dimensions and weight and the real cost is based on the postal service real rates.


We became successful in providing wholesale services to our regular customers due to our reasonable prices, high quality and authenticity of our products, as well as our personalized customer service. The trust that you give to us for your wholesale orders is matched with our full commitment to provide quality service. Part of this commitment is by providing you the tracking number of the Priority Airmail shipping method for delivering your orders.


If you have any other questions regarding our wholesale program, our Wholesale and Retail team will be available in answering your inquiries. They have the vast amount of knowledge that will be effective in eliminating any doubts that you have.