Trinidad Fundadores


Trinidad Fundadores


Trinidad Fundadores

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Ring Gauge 40
Length 192 mm / 7.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Lonsdale
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Unveil the essence of excellence with the Trinidad Fundadores, the best secret in all of  Cuba. While Trinidad’s origins are obscured in the past, these Cuban classics were born of the Cuban Revolution. Like the Cohiba, Trinidad was strictly limited to diplomats and government officials. Eventually released to the world in 1998, the true pleasures of the Fundadores could no longer be kept hidden. 

Crafted with meticulous care, this delicate cigar boasts a chiseled 7 ½ x 40 ring gauge for a classic Panatela vitola. Indulge in the full-bodied richness of this unique cigar, delivering complex flavors of vanilla, nougat, and hints of floral and cocoa. Offering a medium-bodied experience, this classic cigar sings its fullest when paired with a rich bourbon or frothy cappuccino.

Take home Trinidad today and take your cigar collection to the next level. Order the Trinidad Fundadores now and savor the allure of a cigar that has stood the test of time!

The brand is famous for the top quality of blending and design and Trinidad Fundadores cigars are an excellent example of the passion of Trinidad. Trinidad Fundadores cigars have a Lonsdale format, a big length and a gauge size of 40. The exterior has a beautiful brown shade and a smooth touch. The draw and construction are impeccable, showing the hand-made work of the brand. The overall strength is medium and the source of the tobacco is the best Cuban brand. The flavors of the cigar are spice, sweetness and natural tobacco.