Saint Luis Rey

Saint Luis Rey
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One of the premium international brands of Habanos cigar that is sold all over the globe, St Luis Rey, is made available from the land where the finest tobaccos come from – Cuba. It has marked its signature name in the world of cigar and tobaccos with its unique full-bodied, highly sophisticated taste, and a highly exceptional aroma giving you nothing but the finest classical Cuban cigar ever existed. While its irresistible smoke coming out of its thick and well wrapped supreme tobacco leaves making it 10.86 grams in weight, and are hundred percent hand-made, is surely something to look forward to by cigar and tobacco lovers!

Another unique thing about Saint Luis Rey cigar brand is the way it burns consistently. It is designed to pro-long the flame of your tobacco. This makes every cigar aficionado experience a different strong taste that will leave a very soothing feeling of satisfaction with every puff. Adding up to its unique original scents are the mild aromas of chocolate and gingerbread that gives a new twist to its signature flavors, to bring a different superb taste out of this tobacco.

The tobacco that is used to make this cigar is allowed to mature for as long as five years, to unveil the true worth of a Saint Luis Rey cigar giving its unique original taste. This is the main secret in making this cigar brand stand out amongst other cigars and tobacco ever existed.