Quintero y Hermano


This cigar was created by Augustin Quintero in 1920 along with his four brothers in the. The cigar brand Quintero was born in the Quintero brothers’ hometown in Cienfuegos. This is a city located on the south coast of Cuba, adjacent to the famous region of Vuelta Arriba popular for growing of Remedios tobacco. Quintero brand is that Cuban cigar brand that actually did not originated from Havana, right in the heart of Vuelta Abajo the main tobacco region.

Quintero might not be from the center of the industry of Cuban cigar but the Quinteros were able to develop a number of cigar sizes using a blend of ingredients taken from the region of Vuelta Arriba. And, indeed, it became popular among cigar smokers. With their success, they chose Havana to open their nest factory and started to introduce their brand that came from the Vuelta Abajo region. To this day, the tradition of the brand continues on, featuring a smooth and medium moderate taste. This handmade cigar comes with filler that is mixture tobacco leaves right from Vuelta Abajo. This is one region that is source of the best tobacco in the whole world.