Montecristo No. 2


Montecristo No. 2


Montecristo No. 2

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 156 mm / 6.1 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Torpedo
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Loved by critics, and adored by fans, indulge in the excellence of the legendary Montecristo No. 2, a Cuban masterpiece that transcends time. Described as the King of Torpedoes, this 6 ⅛ x 52-ring gauge torpedo is a celebration of sophistication and craftsmanship. Its Cuban heritage ensures a smoking experience like no other, with a perfect blend of mild to medium strength that captivates aficionados worldwide.

Released as a living legend, the Montecristo No. 2's uniqueness lies in its surprises and harmonious complexity. This ultra-premium cigar even achieved the pinnacle of success, donning the crown as Cigar of the Year in 2013. Notes of light sweetness dance elegantly with its medium-bodied profile, creating an experience that is both bold and subtle.

Embrace the allure of the Montecristo No. 2 on special occasions or during moments of reflection. Whether marking a milestone or savoring a quiet evening, this cigar elevates every experience into a symphony of flavor and elegance- Don’t miss out, order now!

Montecristo #2 cigars are some of the best of the brand and they have a marvelous blend and a top design. The smoking duration has an average of 45-60 minutes, making this amazing cigar an excellent friend for a moment of relaxation. The materials used are provided by the genuine Cuban farms and they are some of the best in the world. The exterior presents a beautiful brown color and an impeccable construction. The flavor palette features rich notes of spice, tobacco, and hints of sweetness and coffee bean.