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The Cuaba brand of cigars is smoked in Cuba as a tradition. The details regarding how to make a Cuaba cigar has been handed down from one generation to another and is still available presently. All over Cuba you will find people lighting up their fires or their lanterns to see in the dark with the help of the Cuaba Cigars.
One of the secrets behind the popularity of the Cuaba brand of cigars is that it is easily combustible which is why it is called Cuaba. The meaning of Cuaba was used by the Indians from the Taino tribe living in Cuba to describe a type of bush which was specially used to light the Cohiba or Tobacco
The Cuaba brand of cigars has been related to the Romeo y Julieta brand of cigars because of the similarity in their tastes. But its unique flavor is a combination of different flavors out of which none tend to become too dominant. Both the mild and full flavors of this brand of cigars have been widely accepted by the people.