Cohiba Siglo VI


Cohiba Siglo VI


Cohiba Siglo VI

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 150 mm / 5.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto Extra
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Special Price 105.00 USD Regular Price 150.00 USD

Indulge in the epitome of Cuban cigar craftsmanship with the Cohiba Siglo VI. Crafted with precision and steeped in a legacy that traces back to its creation for Fidel Castro, Cohiba stands as the pinnacle of cigar artistry. The Siglo VI, a masterpiece within the Cohiba portfolio, unfolds a sensory journey with its smooth, nuanced flavor profile.

Adorned with numerous accolades and high ratings, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a testament to excellence. Its consistently light-brown wrapper conceals a blend that delivers an ever-evolving smoke, maintaining a perfect balance of intensity.

Pair this luxurious cigar with a fine single malt or a rich, robust red wine to elevate your experience. Every puff invites you to savor the history and mastery behind Cohiba, making the Siglo VI a symbol of sophistication and indulgence for aficionados who seek the finest in Cuban cigar heritage. Elevate your moments with the Cohiba Siglo VI- Order today!

Cohiba Siglo VI cigars have an elegant Robusto Extra shape and they are rated as some of the best in the line. The exterior has a chocolate brown color and an impeccable hand-made finish that shows the work of the El Laguito factory. The medium to full taste is provided by the Vuelta Abajo tobacco. The base flavor of this cigar is spice mixed with hints of fruit and sweetness for an amazing Cuban blend. The cigars are definitely one of the top choices for the Cuban cigar lover. The cigars are presented in a beautiful wooden box of 25.