Cohiba Lancero Cofre


Cohiba Lancero Cofre


Cohiba Lancero Cofre

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Ring Gauge 39
Length 192 mm / 7.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Long Panetela
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A classic vitola from an iconic brand, the Cohiba Lanceros are the true figureheads of Cuban cigars. Among Cohiba’s three original vitolas,  these timeless masterpieces are celebrated by cigar connoisseurs worldwide. Before Cohiba, the world had never seen a lancero before. With an optimal wrapper leaf-to-filler leaf ratio, this exquisite creation boasts a thin, elegant 7 ½ x 39-ring gauge.

Originally made for Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Cohiba Lanceros are renowned for their medium-full flavor profile, offering a harmonious blend of smooth and sweet notes distinctive to Cohiba. A true classic, it provides a kick of satisfaction with each draw.

Pair this cigar with a rich, aged single malt scotch or a fine cognac to enhance the experience. Light flavors of grass and hints of vanilla, cocoa, and coffee will delight your palate. Its history of success is no history, scores of 90+ ratings are poured over the Cohiba Lanceros each year as aficionados around the world crave its irresistible flavors and impeccable burn.

Indulge yourself in the charms of this classic Cohiba and envelope yourself with a surreal smoking experience. Discover the world of Cohiba Lanceros today and never look back- Order now!