Cohiba Esplendidos


Cohiba Esplendidos


Cohiba Esplendidos

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Ring Gauge 47
Length 178 mm / 6.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Churchill
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Special Price 900.00 USD Regular Price 1,500.00 USD

Enjoy the splendor of Cohiba Esplendidos today! A beacon of excellence, this premium cigar weaves together a rich history and unparalleled quality, boasting a prestigious 93 rating and securing its place among the finest cigars globally as the 11th Best Cigar of the Year.

Crafted with precision in Havana, the Cohiba Esplendidos measures an impressive 7" by 47 ring gauge, delivering an indulgent, medium-bodied smoke. Its impeccable construction and blend of Cuban filler and binder showcase the mastery embedded in each draw.

Revel in the refined flavors of this luxurious cigar, recognized for its peppery nuances and outstanding finish. Take your experience to the next level and take it higher when paired with a fine Cuban rum or a robust espresso, unlocking the intricate layers of the Cohibas’ rich taste.

Cohiba, steeped in tradition, continues to captivate aficionados, making the Esplendidos a must-have for those who appreciate the artistry and legacy of Cuban cigars. Ignite the moment with Cohiba Esplendidos—a symbol of sophistication and a journey into the heart of Cuban cigar excellence- Order now!

The brand was the favorite of Fidel Castro and it was founded in Cuba in 1966. Cohiba Esplendidos’ exterior has a natural brown color and an impeccable finish that show the amazing hand-made work. The overall strength is medium to full while the smoking experience is around 60 minutes. The notes palette displays vegetal, flowers, pepper, cedar and fruit. The cigar is the perfect balance between strength, flavor and delicate notes. The cigars can be paired with a glass of scotch or whiskey for the best taste experience.