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Trinidad cigars are famous Cuban cigars with a namesake also produced in the Dominican Republic. They are well known for being very boldly flavored cigars.

The wrappers are of a nice shade and have that oily sheen which is the mark of great stogies. It is a very smooth wrapper with very little to no veins. The burn is particularly good and even throughout the cigar experience, it is a cigar which can be truly enjoyed for its bold flavor. It burns at a very good pace, especially when properly stored in a humidor. It allows you to enjoy and take your time as you savor the flavor and strength of this cigar.

Trinidad cigars are so named after the city of Trinidad in Cuba. The Cuban variety is of course puros, which mean that they are made totally from tobacco leaves from Cuba. They are long filler and hand made cigars in the tradition of Totalmente Hecho a Mano, or 100% made by hand. Its namesake from the Dominican Republic makes use of a blend of tobacco from Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic and Peru. All which contribute to its bold flavor. The Connecticut broadleaf binder it uses is of the highest quality as well and adds even more strength and flavor to this wonderfully made cigar. The great tasting binder makes it a rarity among other cigars who use such mediocre binders which don’t really add character to the cigar.

As mentioned, the Trinidad cigars are named after La Santisima Trinidad (or the Holy Trinity in English) which can be found in the south coast of Cuba. Trinidad is a brand which was produced in 1969 but was not commercially available. Ti was said that the Trinidad cigars were made to be presented as diplomatic gifts to VIP guests in Cuba. They had a similar status to that of Cohiba, which was also given as a gift to foreign diplomats. Although Cohiba enjoyed a higher status, and was given to dignitaries with higher positions. It was in 1998 that the brand was released commercially into the market. While it started as a small batch brand, it eventually went into full swing production with the introduction of new vitolas to the line. This increase in marketing and production ahs helped the brand gain prominence as a high quality cigar. Today, Trinidad cigars are made in the El Laguito factory, which is also the home of Cohiba. All of Trinidad’s tobacco comes from the Vuelta Abajo region, which is famous for its high quality of tobacco leaf. The Trinidad cigars are totally hand made, long filler cigars and have earned the label “Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga”. Trinidad has enjoyed a steady increase in its reputation as one of the best cigars in the world. It is a bold flavored cigar which consistently gives of strong flavors throughout the burn of the stogies. It maybe medium of strength but its offerings as a full bodied cigar leaves many an aficionado craving for more. As a Cuban cigar, it received a bit of notoriety from an article which came from Cigar Aficionado. During one of the interview Avelino Lara, former manager of the El Laguito factory, said that the Trinidad brand is very unique and highly exclusive brand which Fidel Castro was used to give himself to friends in form of diplomatic gifts. They were said to be considered as being even higher in status than the Cohibas. But this was considered a bit puzzling as when Fidel Castro was once interviewed, he had said that only Cohibas were given as gifts to diplomats and dignitaries. Fidel Castro also stated that he knew very little about the Trinidad brand. As perhaps a sort of a clarification, Adriano Martinez, who was a former executive at Habanos S.A. stated that the Trinidad were indeed used as a diplomatic gift. However, they were actually low level diplomatic gifts and not high end as Avelino Lara had claimed. It was also stated that the Trinidad brand was similar to Cohiba in production but just lacked the fermentation process in the third barrel which was used to create the Cohiba cigars. Adriano Martinez also wrote the entry on Trinidad cigars in the book, the Illustrate Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars. When Cigar Aficionado organized the Dinner of Century sometime in 1995 in Paris, France, guests were treated to the Trinidad cigars. It was the first time that non diplomats and regular people were able to try out the cigars. In 1998, this brand was formally introduced to the public during an initiation ceremony organized in the Hotel of Habana Libre located in Havana. The release of the Trinidad cigar initially came in one vitola, so named the Fundador. While the blend was not changed as stated by the management of Habanos S.A., the size was changed from its initial run as a diplomatic gift only cigar. It was initially a size of a lancero which was named the Laguito and came in a gauge of 38. The commercial run Trinidad was also a Laguito but came in a gauge 40. It was also named the Laguito Especial. In 2003, Trinidad introduced more vitolas as three new sizes were shown. It was during a formal dinner organized by its Britain importer, Hunters and Frankau at the Hotel Hilton Park Lane in England the the new sizes were first introduced to public. The new sizes introduced were the Coloniale, the Reyes and the Robusto Extra. Trinidad is also said to be blended especially for the American market, who manage to get their cigars through illegitimate sources such as the black market. However irrespective of the way one does get them, one thing is for sure. The taste of Trinidad is one which will leave you wanting for more. It is like a passion or love that grown with each indulgence leaving the person wanting for more. This is perhaps the reason that this cigar brand has maintained its position as the premium brad for so long.


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