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San Cristobal de La Habana

San Cristobal cigars are rich and full flavored Cuban cigars. It is a richly flavored and smooth smoke with subtle hints that make for a complex and thoroughly enjoyable smoking experience. The flavor of the cigar is complemented by hints of vanilla, spice, and cocoa and some coffee. Some toasted but flavors are also present.

It is a complex cigar that is also well built. The cigar wrapper exhibits a dark, smooth, and oily sheen. It has a heft and solid feel to it when it is held. There is a slight toothiness to the wrapper, lending to its strength. The initial aroma is very earthy.

San Cristobal cigars are post revolution Habanos or Cuban cigars. While there was a previously existing cigar brand of the same name in Cuba, the current brand is a totally new blend and brand and has no relation to its predecessor. It is meant to be a totally new brand and not a resurrection of the old one. The cigar not only exhibits good character in its construction, it is also adorned quite nicely with a well designed band and a beautifully decorated box. All of which add to heighten the experience of smoking this cigar.

The cigar clips easily and the cold draw is one which fills the palate with earthy tones. There is proper air flow with just the right amount of resistance to the draw. Once toasted and lit, the cigar burns very well and very evenly. It does not burn out to fast and instead can be enjoyed as a very good a relaxed smoke. The burn is even all throughout and requires almost no corrections as the burn corrects itself through consistent and careful drawing on the cigar. The first notes are that of mild pepper, the spice fades away to reveal notes of earth, mocha, and chocolate along with nutty accents. The complexity is in the first third of the smoke while the full flavor and the richness of the cigar is revealed in the rest of the stick.

Sweet and peppery notes once more appear throughout the smoke and the flavors start to become even richer. It is the right balance of complexity and strength making it very easy to enjoy. It is a full bodied cigar that is not overpowering but instead welcomes those who light it up to enjoy its richness and taste.

The San Crisotbal cigar is a long filler and hand made cigar from Habanos S.A. The blends are all meticulously picked to create that distinct flavor of the San Crisotbal marque. It is rated as a medium to full strength cigar which is a puro or uses 100% Cuban tobacco only. There is also a San Cristobal brand in Nicaragua that is made by the Garcia Family. They continue the Cuban tradition in Nicaragua in order to produce the San Cristobal brand privately and outside the Cuban government’s intervention. The Nicaraguan cigar features a dark wrapper and the cigar also exhibits a full bodied character.

The complexity of the San Crisotbal line is perfectly balanced to give way to the strong and earthy flavors of the stogie. It is filled with light notes of spice and even some fruit when enjoyed. The predominant flavors are woody, earthy with nuances of cocoa and coffee. Hints of spice such as cedar, pepper and some dark cherry also punctuate the overall experience of the cigar. It is one of the post revolution brands and one of the latest as well. It was introduced in 1996 through an official launch in Havana. San Cristobal is officially named the San Cristobal de la Habana, which was actually the original name of Havana back when it was founded by settlers in the area. Each vitola is named after a front of the city which was defended from invaders during its heyday. It was also considered the hub of the Spanish Empire in Latin America during that time. The original line is composed of four vitolas, while two new sizes have been recently introduced.

The launch of the San Cristobal line in Havana was also matched by the Dominican Republic cigar makers. When the world heard about the launch of the line, it was Ashton cigars that realized the opportunity to make the brand as well in the Dominican Republic. Ashton realized it was a great opportunity to use the launch as a means to get publicity for a new line of cigars with the same brand. They had announced that they would create the San Cristobal line as well and it was billed to be the most anticipated Ashton cigar to come out in a long time. To create the perfect cigar to match the Habanos, Ashton utilized the services of Don Pepin Garcia. Don Pepin Garcia was one of the most well known cigar blenders in history and his 30 years of experience led credence to him heading the project. In 2007, the Nicaraguan San Cristobal line was introduced with keen anticipation from many a cigar aficionado. And after several years of waiting. Everyone at the show got a chance to finally check if the wait was worth it. It certainly was. The cigar not just met, it exceeded the expectations of many of the participants in the show. The Nicaraguan counterpart is also a puro, and is Cuban Triple Capped in the style of Habanos. The brand artwork is very distinct and colorful and offers a pleasing time for the eye. This attention to detail and to appeal all the senses is a mark of the attention to detail that San Cristobal want for its cigars. Whether it is the Cuban or the Nicaraguan brand you are after, the San Cristobal is truly a magnificent cigar. The Cuban Habanos has all the flavors and character you would expect from a genuine Cuban cigar while the Nicaraguan counterpart also exhibits bold flavors and a new attention to taste.

San Cristobal de La Habana

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