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Rafael Gonzalez Cuban Cigars are the biggest arrangements of Gonzalez Marquez It is one of the highest gauge with the extreme power Larger than the Lonsdale, it is an after-dinner Habano

Rafael Gonzales

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Blog Updates

The Best for your Cigar

August 1, 2013  | 

What’s the Best for your Cigar? The Screw-pop Stogie Punch!

Whenever you buy a cigar, it comes to you as a precious piece of art! A single cigar stick goes through various tough and delicate procedures to become a treat to your taste buds. From the seedling formation until the rolling and packing of the cigars, every single step is vital and needs...

Humidor Notes

August 1, 2013  | 

What If You Forget the Brand Name of A Splendid Stogie? The Humidor Notes are the Solution!

In today’s busy and haphazard life, it’s very difficult to manage and remember most of the significant works. Though the habitual and pass time activities play an important role in one’s life as after a long tiring day, or during the...