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Quintero y Hermano

This cigar was created by Augustin Quintero in 1920 along with his four brothers in the. The cigar brand Quintero was born in the Quintero brothers’ hometown in Cienfuegos. This is a city located on the south coast of Cuba, adjacent to the famous region of Vuelta Arriba popular for growing of Remedios tobacco. Quintero brand is that Cuban cigar brand that actually did not originated from Havana, right in the heart of Vuelta Abajo the main tobacco region.

Quintero might not be from the center of the industry of Cuban cigar but the Quinteros were able to develop a number of cigar sizes using a blend of ingredients taken from the region of Vuelta Arriba. And, indeed, it became popular among cigar smokers. With their success, they chose Havana to open their nest factory and started to introduce their brand that came from the Vuelta Abajo region. To this day, the tradition of the brand continues on, featuring a smooth and medium moderate taste. This handmade cigar comes with filler that is mixture tobacco leaves right from Vuelta Abajo. This is one region that is source of the best tobacco in the whole world.

History of the Quintero Cigar Brand
Quintero is one of a small amount of Habanos brands that are not born in Havana, the capital city of Cuba. The Quintero brothers set up a factory in a southern coast town Cienfuego, located near the tobacco growing region of Remedios tobacco. Augustine Quintero was an expert of tobacco, and was very popular for his ability to pick the best tobacco blend from the tobacco region of Vuelta Abajo. After the nationalization of Cuba’s cigar industry and the government started running it, the brand suffered a dip on its popularity, particularly through the 1970s to the 1990s. In this period, the production of the Quintero cigar line gradually shrunk from handmade marcas to mostly machine made cigars. During the Cuban revolution in 1959, the Quintero y Hermano became a major export brand with Spain as its main market. But then the early 1960s after the end of the revolution brought new reforms. It was the time when the new socialist government under Castro nationalized the cigar and tobacco industry of Cuba. Under this, law, the ownership of all the cigar brands were transferred to the government of Cuba. The production of the brand might have remained uninterrupted when the revolution ended but by lines were streamlined to just 10 models by the late 1970s. At present, the range of Quintero is made of only 5 offerings of medium-full bodied cigars, still using the best tobacco from the region of Vuelta Abajo. They still remained a popular brand in Spain because of its raw and strong tobacco taste. By the year 2002, as a way to breathe new life to the brand, Habanos SA which is a government run entity, made a decision to stop making machine-made cigars in an effort to being the handmade ones. The brand now is marketed as totally handmade. In standard production, it is made up of four sizes made by hand which feature a great medium flavour. It is also worth nothing that there is a same-named brand that is not Cuban. The other Quintero brand is made by Altadis and consists of a mixture of the tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras. This other brand has no relation whatsoever with the Cuban brand and was only developed right after the United States trade ban on Cuban products including cigars. This is marketed in the United States and is considered as the only legal Quintero cigar brand allowed to be marketed in America.

Other Related Information
It’s been said that the Quintero cigars have a very different flavour from those of the typical Cuban cigars. Their flavor has been described as a blend of grassy flavour and strong earthiness that is a reminder of the countryside feel and the aroma of Cuban soil. It’s also been said that the taste of the Quintero makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking to taste Habanos without having to spend too much. Quintero cigars come out with an in-your-face tobacco flavour on the palate, something that is pretty unique to such kinds of cigars. It has been compared to both Cuban and non-Cuban sticks but the Quintero is best appreciated for its unique and bold taste. However, smokers will be able to feel a Cuban tangy note when the smoke is retrohaled. Thi8s tangy note is something that stems from the interesting characteristic of the Cuban tobacco. So Quintero is just like the typical Cuban cigar with its own flavour profile that is unique from the others. It might seem confusing but it works. Cigar smokers love the blast of tobacco that they get when smoking a Quintero. The tobacco also comes with light walnut and wood notes. Walnuts have some slight bitterness and dryness to them with some earthy flavour. Quintero cigars are not too bitter, nor are they too try. This is actually something that is very nice. Once the smoker retrohales, they will then get that unique Cubanesque tanginess as well as a good dose of spice to it. And then everything is topped off with a dash of pepper spice and faint tobacco sweetness. Quintero is medium in body with a strength that is medium-full in flavour. It definitely is a very approachable cigar that should appeal to a wide range of tobacco smokers. Among all its variants, many find the Quintero Londres Extra to provide a god bargain. For those who are into Cuban cigars, this brand should complement your morning coffee, or even when you are just looking to enjoy a good smoke at any time of the day.

Storage Notes
These cigars are best stored in their box (semi-dress) in a cabinet humidor. These tobaccos actually do not come packed in cellophane, although they are kept closed up in their original box to allow them to age. This cabinet comes with a “set and forget” active humidifier that has been set to 68% RH.

Quintero y Hermano

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