This privacy statement has been created to protect the privacy of our clients which we respect. This privacy statement is used to convey information to our clients and to collect their responses for our strict internal use. This online privacy statement informs our clients the use that their confidential information is put to and ensures that it does not get divulged to external agencies or bodies not related to our website. The personal information about our clients is required to confirm their identities. The required personal information may include your name and your e-mail address. When you use this website it is assumed that you are agreeing to this privacy statement. If you think you do not agree to this privacy statement, that you are advised not to use this website.

The privacy statement stands for our self regulatory body which has been entrusted with the responsibility of creating trust and confidence in the customers who use the internet by practising correct and proper practices of information exchange. Our website is governed by this privacy statement. The commitment of our website towards maintaining the privacy of its clients has prompted it to reveal the practices it follows regarding the exchange of information and the privacy policies it adopts for compliance evaluation to the users.

For any clarification you are requested to contact our customer service department available through the website.

Collection and Use of Information

It is not mandatory that you have to provide your personal information whenever you visit our website and you can log in as an anonymous guest. In case you want to buy any product through our website, we request you register yourself by creating an account so that you can make payments and get to know about your order status. The information required by us includes your full name, your address, your e-mail, communication details, your gender, your date of birth and other similar information. We also need to have more confidential details like the number of your credit card and also routing details for processing your payments.

The personal details gathered by us regarding your identity are used to monitor your account and your purchases. This enables us to monitor and process your orders with the help of a personalized touch. We use the information about your credit card and other details regarding your financial status for processing your payments. Your address for communication is used by us for the shipment of your orders and to contact you in relation to your orders. If you opt for the facility then we use your address for communication to send you information about promotions and new products. We do not have any authorization for revealing your personal details to any external agency for any promotional event.

We also collect the internet addresses of the guests who visit our site. This is used by us to take care of any technical problem, for analyzing the market demands and for monitoring the movement of information through the site which is necessary for improving our services and our website. We use this information to analyze the volume of visitors to our site and also the total usage by our clients and visitors. If you choose our referral or “tell a friend” service then we need the name and the e-mail address of the individual whom you want to refer. We will send him/her an invitation by e-mail to join our website. We will use this information only to send an invitation by e-mail and to monitor the use of the system of referral used by us.

We sometimes post the testimonials of our clients on our website which may include some personal information like the name of the client. We ask our client for his approval before posting the testimonial followed by their name. In case the client chooses to post his personal information on the website, this may be used by other visitors to the site in order to contact you directly. We cannot be held accountable for any personal details which a client may choose to post along with his/her testimonial.

Disclosing or sharing information

No third person or party will be allowed to access any personal information of our clients without prior approval. The information will be made available only to those of our partners who will help us to verify and accomplish the transactions between us. Our third party partners help us in processing the payments made by you and in shipping and the delivery of the items you have ordered. They are not allowed to use your personal information for any purpose other than this.

If our assets are acquired by any other firm or our firm gets merged with another firm then your personal information will be transferred to the new entity as an asset. You will be informed over phone or through e-mail of the new options which will involve the use of your personal information by the new entity.

In the event of any legal proceedings we may have to divulge your personal information to the investigating agencies and the government. The authority to divulge your personal details to the law department and to the officials in government when asked for is reserved by us.

Policies for unsubscribing from our website

If you have a change of mind and wish to withdraw your registration with us, you have an option of notifying us in the form of an e-mail citing your reasons. You may also use the link provided in our website to do the same. The rights for the delivery of announcements and messages related to the administration of the site are reserved by us. You do not have the option of opting out of them as they are not a part of the account which you hold with us.

Modification and Updating of information

Access to your personal information on our website for modification or updating is always available to you. To achieve this you have to log onto our site and edit your personal information only. Get in touch with our people at the website if you want to delete the account you have with us.

Details about the Cookies

The option of accepting or rejecting any cookie when you pay a visit to our website rests with you. The cookies are used by us for many purposes like accessing the accounts, tracking and estimating the traffic on the site, and many other uses to help us keep ourselves updated about our website and to make our services better.

Information and Security

Our website has tight security standards which have been provided to prevent any loss to users or misuse of information. Any modification of the information given in this website will be notified to you through e-mail.


You are requested to contact our customer service department for any clarification related to this privacy statement or any other information you need.