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The cigars have a fairly rough appearance, with some spots and veins on the wrapper. It does look well made however, but is not overly smooth or luxurious in appearance. There is a good amount of sheen from the oily wrapper, lending a very nice look to the stick.
The construction of the Jose L. Piedra Cigars is of very good quality. The filler is evenly distributed and there are very few issues with the feel of the cigar. It is clipped easily and lights up without any problem. The draw is very good and smooth, with just the right amount of tightness. The ash falls off every inch or so. The burn can be uneven but can be corrected by blowing on the wrapper. The burn corrects itself after a couple of tries. It is also very well made and has a solid feel lending a good strength to the cigar’s body.
It is a fairly mild cigar which has a medium strength at most. The overall flavors are smooth and earthy. It has the feel of a good and rustic cigar, one which is enjoyed after a good, hard day’s work. There are faint hints of powdered cocoa which reveals itself about halfway through the cigar. Some light floral notes are also faintly present at the finish of the cigar. The flavor profile is not meant to be complex. But what the Jose L. Piedra offers is a good flavored, simple, but thoroughly enjoyable smoke.
They are perfect for everyday smokes to be enjoyed with your favorite libation for everyday occasions. As such it goes well with beer, whisky and even the occasional glass of red wine. The last third can start to become very strong, but cleansing the palate with your favorite drink can help you enjoy the cigar to the nub.
It does not have the look or feel of a luxury or top shelf cigar. What it does have is a good and solid flavor to be an everyday, enjoyable smoke. It makes no claims of complexity and highbrow character, but it delivers a good and satisfying experience. Enjoy it throughout the day. It goes great whenever you’re in the outdoors, or even when enjoying a quiet night with friends and family. It is certainly easy to smoke a Jose L. Piedra, and even going up to three cigars in a day won’t overpower your palate.

Jose L. Piedra was a pre Cuban Revolution brand which was reintroduced by Habanos S.A. (the single distributor of Cuban cigars in the world) in 1996. The cigars were all machine-made and came in six vitolas. It was first released in the United Kingdom where it met great success. Soon, it was introduced to the global market.
At the same time this release happened, it was said that a batch of long-filler, handmade cigars were also distributed to the Canadian market. these cigars did not have any bands or markers, and very little information was given save for the fact that they were Cuban cigars.
These cigars were of fairly decent quality and offered at much lower prices than their counterparts. The sales however were not drastic, and made very little impression on the market. it also seemed that there was no one who could supply the information people were asking for about the cigars.
It was speculated that they may have been factory seconds, or over runs and rejects. People had also opined that they may have been testing out a new and ow priced cigar under a different brand. Soon however, the unbanded and unmarked cigars stopped being distributed in the market.
Sometime later, the Jose L Piedra brand came out with its own line of hand made and long filler cigars. They were sold in five packs and as singles. It came in these vitolas, the Doble Coronas, Churchill, Cervantes, Piramides, Coronas Gordas, Gorditos, and Robustos.
In Canada, they also repackaged the Jose L: Piedras to include a printed health watning on the box, rather than the customary stickered warning which appears in almost every other box.
The hand made cigars were then very much appreciated by the market, and soon it was being bought in bulk. The popularity of the cigars led to some problems in getting certain vitolas. Within a few years, the hand made vitolas were almost all sold out.
The Jose Lpiedra however continues to be a very well received brand, even for their machine made vitolas. They are a good cigar at a very good price. Jose L. Piedra continued its reputation as a reliable and solidly flavored cigar which could be bought at a very good price.
It’s competitive price, and good flavor reputation helped make Jose L. Piedra a favorite cigar for every aficionado. It was one which you had no problems buying in bulk and lighting up every day. It remains true to what it is and offers no higher expectations. It is a good cigar and it is happy with what it is.

Jose Piedra

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