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The premium brand of cigars called Fonseca is manufactured by two separate companies. The first variety is made by the company named Habanos SA which is owned by the government of Cuba. This company has also been given the authority to market and distribute the Fonseca brand of cigars in the local and international markets. The second variety is made in the Dominican Republic by Manual Quesada who is an expert in making cigars rolled by hand.
His expertise in the rolling a cigar by hand is so great that the cigars made by him are considered by some people to be better than their Cuban counterparts. The Fonseca brand of cigars made in the Dominican Republic has a wrapper grown in Connecticut and is filled with a blend of the best quality and beautifully flavoured tobacco leaves grown in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The ultimate product is a brand of cigars which has a well balanced smooth creamy taste, which can be highly enjoyed by the smoker.
The production of the Fonseca brand of cigars was started in 1962 and it has already made a place for itself among the existing brands of cigars in the market. The Fonseca brand of cigars is manufactured in a factory named Matasa located in Santiago, the capital of the Dominican Republic.
The bodies of this brand of cigars are mild and possess a flavour which is medium in nature. The best tobacco leaves available in the Dominican Republic are put in bales made of the bark from palm trees and are aged in an atmosphere which is controlled. When the leaves are fermented properly they are rolled with wrappers made from the shade broad leaf grown in Connecticut. If you are trying to find a cigar which has fine taste and aroma and allows you to draw the smoke smoothly, then you should try out the Fonseca brand of cigars at least once and needless to say you will be stuck with the brand forever. The Fonseca brand of cigars which was produced and sold only to the elite in Cuba, is presently produced and sold all over the world and is respected as one of the best brands ever produced.
The Vintage variety of the Fonseca brand of cigars is considered as a great variety which possesses an aroma which is a unique one. The tobacco leaves used to make this brand of cigars is aged for 5 years at a stretch. This variety is a bit costlier than the other varieties but is considered by all connoisseurs of cigars that it is worth the extra money.

The creator of the Fonseca brand of cigars was known as the famous Francisco E. Fonseca who lived in Manzanillo in Cuba. He was born in 1869 into a family of tobacco traders and planters. He founded his own factory to make cigars in Havana in 1892. He had already taken out permission for US citizenship earlier and later on migrated to the United States in 1903. He built another factory to make cigars in the city of New York. He shifted this factory to the new premises of Duane Street in Tribeca in 1905.He registered the Fonseca brand of cigars in 1907. Though he had immigrated to the United he never lost contact with his factory in Cuba and operated the factory to make cigars as long as he was alive.
After the Fonseca brand of cigars was created and registered as a brand it became a very popular brand among all those who loved Cuban cigars. Fonseca had introduced a large number of new procedures in the making of cigars, for example, keeping the cigars wrapped in tissue papers of the best quality brought from Japan or keeping them sealed in tin tubes so that the flavour and the softness could be retained in the cigars. To this day these practices are continuing and Fonseca has been always praised highly for these innovations.
After the death of Fonseca in 1929, his wife took up the reins of the company and ran the business and the brand with able hands. After the revolution in Cuba the relations between Cuba and the United States became strained. The tension between the two countries increased when Cuba became closer to the USSR.
The assets belonging America on Cuban soil were frozen by the government in Cuba. The United States responded in a similar fashion by imposing a ban on all products made by Cuba which included cigars and tobacco products. The cigar and the tobacco industry in Cuba were taken over by the government. The factory located at Lazarro Pena in Havana was taken over by Habanos SA but the production of the Fonseca brand of cigars was not stopped but continued and has remained in operation till this day.
One of the plus points in favour of the Fonseca brand of cigars is that it is less costly compared to the other brands belonging to the same category which have similar flavours, tastes and smoothness. The smoke from a Fonseca cigar can be drawn easily and a medium mild taste is left in the mouth. This brand is available all over the world especially in Spain and Canada, except in the United States because of the ban on Cuban products. The Fonseca brand of cigars is a special favourite to cigar smokers in all these places perhaps for its Spanish sounding name but definitely for its quality.
The reference of this brand in a poem written by the poet from Spain named Federico Garcia bears testimony to the popularity of the Fonseca brand of cigars.
Only four different sizes of the Fonseca brand of cigars are produced presently. A typical characteristic of the Fonseca brand of cigars is that it is wrapped with a rice paper of high quality with beautifully placed bands to hold it. As soon as this rice paper is removed, the smoker is treated with the sight of the smooth surface of the cigar wrapped in a perfectly oiled wrapper and the veins of the wrapper leaves running for the full length of the cigar from the head to the end. The cigar is easy to hold between the lips or the fingers. The smoker can enhance his style by holding the cigar softly between his fingers in full public view. The mild, flavoured and thick smoke can be drawn smoothly while the cigar burns at a consistent and nice rate.
The taste remains spicy for the first one third portion of the cigar while the smoke produces a nice and creamy taste. The initial taste of the cigar is medium but soon changes to other flavours which the smoker can feel in his mouth. The Fonseca brand of cigars relaxes you in a unique way till the very last puff.


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