Which are the locations, where the delivery of cigars is possible?

We have the logistic alliances to do delivery everywhere irrespective of the location of the buyer. The buyers are requested to check the tobacco consumption laws of their country before ordering. Also the buyers must check before ordering if the Cuban products are allowed to be sold in their country or not. Delays or loss of the product for these reasons will not be attributable to the seller. Also the seller shall not be held responsible for the delays due to payment of local taxes, customer clearance delays or delays in other government offices. This is so that as seller we have no control on these elements in the country of the buyer. For this we rely on assumption that before ordering every client is fully aware of the rules and regulations in their own country.

What is the delivery period from order to physical receipt of the product?

Normally it take the time of 30 days from the time you book orders till you received the products. This excludes the weekends and holidays. Normally we try to ship the order on the same day or at maximum next day. The delay may happen for reasons as non availability of the product in the stock. It such a situation we call the customer and give them option to cancel the orders if they wish so. To locations in Asia or Italy we can even deliver materials in 30 days using TNT. It you intend to know the service rates for TNT then you are welcome to call us.

Does the wrapper colour that is made to roll the cigar affects the taste of cigar?

The wrapper of the cigar has only 3% affect on the strength, taste and cigar smoking power. The wrappers do come I different colours as green, light to drak shades of brown. If the buyer has choice of a particular wrapper then the subject preference may be advised at the time of placing the order and we shall try our bestto arrange it. The factors that affect the cigar quality more are the ones related to the quality and duration of aging of the tobacco that has gone in making the cigar. The cigar with 5 year fermentation of tobacco shall be better in taste and strength that the one with 3 year of 6 months aging. So, the rates of these cigars are also different.

Is it advisable to use the cigar immediately on receipt?

The cigar normally loses its humidity in transportation. So to get the best of its taste it is advisable to first put it in the humidor for30 days so that it regains its humidity. It is better to buy to good humidor. The cigars are preferred to be placed in the humidor so that fermentation of the tobacco further continues. With passage of time the quality and taste of cigar shall further improve. How are you sending the delivers to normally how much time it takes for buyer to get his ordered products? We always try to send your orders so as to reach you in 30 days. You can find the status of your orders on line as we shall shown the tracking no there. In Asia and Italy we can supply product through TNT which can deliver product in 30 days. We always try to deliver product in good shape up to your doorsteps. The delay may happen for reasons of the local laws, customers etc for which the buyer is advised to make suitable enquiry before placing orders.

What if my order does not arrive?

Sometimes despite our best efforts to deliver the order on time delays may take place in custom or under force majeure conditions. We, suggest that buyers to wait at least for 20 days for their orders to arrive, excluding holidays. If the orders do not arrive even then, the buyer can opt for either refund or reshipment. In case the buyer opts for the reshipment that at a later date if the order does not reach him at all then he will lose his right to ask for refund. We DO NOT reimbursed orders declined by customers that simply dont want to pay taxes. Once again, we canĀ“t be fully aware of each Domestic Customs Office around the world. But, if both the orders are received by the same customer than we shall only charge the shipment fees for the second order.

Do you deliver the cigars in their original boxes only?

We ship in original boxes to most countries. To avoid any problems with some country customs, we will send Cigars separate from the Rings and the original box.

How the buyer can make payment for the cigars?

We accept payment through various modes to the convenience of the buyers. We take payments through wire transfer as well as Western Union or through the Money Order. We shall also take payments through credit/ debit cards payments through Visa, and Amex etc. You can use any of the methods to pay for the cigars ordered with us. In case the buyers feel any problem or have an issue in this regard then you can contact us on phone or e-mail as given on the website. Our representatives shall help you in all possible ways.

Does the buyer need any certificate to import cigar?

No certificate is required to import cigars. But if custom shall open your box then they may ask for custom fees to be paid as per rules of the country that will have to be cleared by the buyer.

What can I do it I am not happy or satisfied with the product?

If for any reason you are not happy with the product then the same can be returned in good condition within 7 days of the receipt of the order. The product must be returned back in the original packing and copy of the receipt seeking exchange or refund. In case of return of the product the buyer must ensure that they return at least 95% of the cigars that were offered. In case customers have any issues in this context then they can contact us for clarifications if any.