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The Cuaba brand of cigars is smoked in Cuba as a tradition. The details regarding how to make a Cuaba cigar has been handed down from one generation to another and is still available presently. All over Cuba you will find people lighting up their fires or their lanterns to see in the dark with the help of the Cuaba Cigars.
One of the secrets behind the popularity of the Cuaba brand of cigars is that it is easily combustible which is why it is called Cuaba. The meaning of Cuaba was used by the Indians from the Taino tribe living in Cuba to describe a type of bush which was specially used to light the Cohiba or Tobacco
The Cuaba brand of cigars has been related to the Romeo y Julieta brand of cigars because of the similarity in their tastes. But its unique flavor is a combination of different flavors out of which none tend to become too dominant. Both the mild and full flavors of this brand of cigars have been widely accepted by the people.

The cigars made in Cuba are easily the best of the lot produced anywhere in the world without any doubt. The ban on the import of products made from tobacco grown in Cuba has only helped to put a premium price on these products and increase the demand for these products with the passage of time. The cigars made in Cuba are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices. The length can vary from 10 to 24 cm and the price of one cigar may differ between $50 and $500. The Cuaba brand of cigars is the most popular among all brands of cigars as it is made from the finest tobacco found in Cuba which gives the best flavor after proper treatment.
The name of the company known as Cubatobacco is a short form of “Empresa Cubana del Tobacco” given to the state owned company in Cuba dealing in tobacco products. This company has been empowered with the promotion, distribution and export of all products made from the tobacco grown in Cuba to other parts of the world. Habanos SA is a part of this company which is engaged in the production of the Cuaba brand of cigars. The president of the company known as Habanos SA introduced the perfect line of the Cuaba brand of cigars to the market at a function held in the hotel named Coleridge in the United Kingdom on 19th of November in 1996. The Cuaba brand of cigars was launched in the market to help revive the sale of the Figurado variety of cigars.
The Cuaba Brand of cigars is available in different varieties which are given below. The Parejo variety of cigars have the classical or traditional shape of a premium brand of cigar with straight and perfect shape of a cylinder, with an open end for lighting and a round head with a cap. The Figurado variety of cigars have a shape which tapers off towards both the head and the end with an increasing bulge in the middle which looks very interesting and gives an unique smoking sensation.
The Figurado variety lost its appeal and was withdrawn from the market after some time until the company known as Habanos SA took the decision to reintroduce the Figurado brand of cigars so that the British people could again enjoy the cigars at a function in London which was held to introduce the Cuaba brand of cigars. All the earlier sizes and shapes similar to the Cuaba brand of cigars were also launched by the company known as Habanos SA.
The process of making the Figurado brand of cigars was shown to the public with a help of a demonstration held by the expert roller Carlos Izquiredo Gonzalez accompanied by a team of fourteen experts. The Cuaba cigars in any particular box may vary in shape as they are rolled by hand and machines are not used to mould them in order to give them a specific shape. The molding machines used on the Cuaba brand of cigars one year after its introduction gave the cigars a tapering and bulging shape.
The Cuaba brand of cigar burns with a slow and steady rate after being lit until the bulge towards the end. After this bulge is passed, the smoke can be drawn more easily. The Cuaba brand of cigars is very difficult to make due to the unique shape of the Figurado style used in the rolling process. The experts in the Cuban cigar industry can easily roll a trademark cigar from the old school with its original blend that never fails to excite the cigar buffs.
The Cuaba brand of cigars was produced in the factory at Briones Montoto where the Romeo y Julieta brand of cigars was also which is a coincidence. The Cuaba brand of cigars comes in different varieties which are described below.
The term vitola is used to describe the different shapes and sizes or the format in which the cigar is made. The Cuaba brand of cigars was selected as the best brand to be introduced to the market with a vitola which could be stored in a ceramic humidor and could be released for special occasions and different humidors. If you want to experience something different from the normal, then you can definitely try the Cuaba brand of cigars for tastes that are classical and unique and blends that are premium derived from the finest tobaccos found in Cuba with the exquisite shape of a Figurado cigar and exclusive styles. You will not regret the decision.
While returning from Cuba you are allowed to buy cigars worth $200 for your personal consumption. The duty free shop is the best place to buy these cigars as you have the advantage of buying all you can with the $200 without paying any duty. You can also buy the cigars from duty free shops at the hotels. But please remember to retain the receipts as you have to show them to the customs officials at the airport to avoid the cigars getting confiscated. This will not be possible if you buy the cigars from seller on the streets of Cuba as they will not give you proper receipts for them and you may land up in trouble with the customs officials at the airport.
The other important factor you should follow other than selecting the place to buy the cigars from is to check the quality of the cigars you are about to buy. All the cigars have similar shapes and sizes and are packed in wooden cedar boxes. If you bring the box near your nostrils, you can smell the pungent odor emitted by the tobacco of the fresh cigars. If you do not get this pungent smell then the cigars are either not fresh or not genuine.


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