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Have you heard of a cigar named Bolivar?
The Bolivar brand of cigars is one of the best known and oldest brands available in the market. This exceptional brand of cigars was first produced by a company name Rocha in 1901 which very few people know about. The brand has got its name from a famous historical person named Simon Bolivar who was known for his adventures.
Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan campaigner who liberated a great part of what is presently known as Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Columbia and portions of South Africa from their Spanish rulers. The brand represents the energy, force of character and fearlessness of the military commander. The dominance of Simon Bolivar over his enemies has influenced the flavor of this brand of cigars.
The high quality of the Bolivar cigars is ideal for the smokers who look for richness in the quality of a cigar. Perhaps this flavor was first created by Jose L. in Great Britain and the production of this brand of cigars started at the El Crepusculo factory in 1901. But the brand was registered by Jose when he became the owner of the company named Rocha not before 1921 in Havana, the capital of Cuba. This company was taken over later by the company called Garcia, Menendez y Cia.
The brand was bought by a company named Cifuentes y Cia after Rocha died. The company shifted the manufacture of the brand to the factory known as Partagas located in Havana. This factory started making different sizes of the cigars which are still made today. The skills shown by Cifuentes in managing the production of the cigars created a high demand for the brand across the world.
The Bolivar brand of cigars is the most exceptional cigar ever to be made in Cuba and is distinguished by its rich flavor. This brand of cigars with its different flavors is not suitable for new smokers and has been declared as one of the world’s most classic and exquisite brands. The Delgado variety of Bolivar cigars was famous for its shorter length. A miniature sized box containing Delgado cigars in the majestic dollhouse in the royal nursery of Windsor Castle in England is a well known fact.

The tobacco industry in Cuba was nationalized after the revolution. The family of Cifuentes had to leave Cuba during the revolution. Later on they took out a license to make the Partagas and the Bolivar brands of cigars which were also made by a company called General Cigar. This company was also renowned for the production of another brand of cigars called the White-Owl which was produced especially for the market in America. By this time a different version of the Bolivar brand with an improved blend and a richer flavor had been developed in the Dominican Republic to counter the Cuban variety.
The company known as Alatdis acquired a few shares of Habanos SA and became a partner of the company which was owned by the Cuban government. The new partner company initiated major changes in the processes used in the production of the cigars deciding on which types were to be made by hand and which types were to be made by machines. There were some varieties which were made manually in the initial stages and then given finishing touches in a machine. The production of a large number of popular brands was discontinued with the exception of the Chicos variety which had the size of cigarillos. All seasoned and experienced smokers prefer the different brands of cigars made in Cuba over the rest, the Bolivar brand being one of them. People who do not smoke are also familiar with the name of Bolivar.
The government of Cuba controls the production of this brand of top quality cigars very strictly. The cigars made in Cuba have been adjudged as the best ones in the world by the experts of the cigar industry. The manufactures of cigar from Cuba has always been known to possess great skills in making cigars. Fidel Castro who led the revolution was the Cuban Prime Minister during the period 1959 to 1976 and also the President during the period 1976 to 2008. It was thought that he liked the top quality brands like the Montecristo variety and the Coronas Especiales variety of cigars very much. The Montecristo variety was originally from Cuba but is now produced manually in the Dominican Republic.
The different brands of cigars which are top quality products are available in large numbers all over the world. President Kennedy of the United States imposed an embargo on the trade between USA and Cuba in 1962 which banned the export of cigars made in Cuba to the American market. This ban is in effect even today and has been a huge disappointment to the cigar lovers in America. An individual who has been permitted to visit Cuba is allowed to bring back with him a maximum of 2 boxes of cigars for personal consumption only. 95% of the Cuban cigars available in the American market have been declared by the US experts as fakes and the suspicion of making these fakes falls on the refugees who enter the US from Cuba.
The most reliable way to get a genuine cigar made in Cuba is to get it from a reputed online dealer as so many imitations are doing the rounds. A search with the Google search engine can easily throw up the names of these reputed dealers.
A German shopkeeper named Wolters had placed an order for the supply of some thousand boxes of Gold Medal variety of the Bolivar brand of cigar for his stock. A stock of an old version of the Cervantes variety of cigars, whose production had already been discontinued, were wrapped in gold foils used to wrap half of the Bolivar brand of cigars, were packed in boxes each containing ten cigars and shipped to the German shopkeeper.
The tobacco company known as Bolivar Cigars is a state owned company in Cuba which was established in 1926. The cigars made by this company are made by hand and are renowned for their particular taste which is very powerful. Among all the other cigars which are produced in Cuba, this particular brand of cigars has the most powerful flavor. Presently the Bolivar brand of cigars is as famous as the Venezuelan leader Simon Bolivar.
The Bolivar brand of cigars presently in production has different shapes and sizes. They have been given names like Corona, Pyramid, Petite, Robusta and Churchill as per the tastes and likings of the different cigar smokers who love the Bolivar brand. The company has been offering special varieties each year since 2002 which have shapes and sizes quite different from their original designs though the extended designs are kept for a temporary period.
Special sizes of the Bolivar brand of cigars have adopted for releases in different regional markets.
Long live Bolivar!


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