Bolivar Royal Coronas

  • Length: 124 mm / 4. 8 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Strength: 100
  • Aroma: 100
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Bolivar Royal Coronas
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The Bolivar Royal Coronas is a beautiful handmade cigar created by the prestigious Bolivar Company. Regarded as one of the most prestigious high end cigars from this company; this Robusto more than lives up to its name. Indeed over the years diehard fans have been known to go to unimaginable lengths to secure even a park of these world class cigars. Among the features responsible for this fanatical following include the cigars exquisite stylish design and its high level of maturity and in turn rich and powerful flavor regime. Indeed while looking to fully enjoy the authentic Havana experience in style this is definitely the stick to go for.

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Structure and appearance Being a highly prominent and prestigious cigar the manufacturers of the Bolivar Royal Coronas have indeed gone out of their way to sell a complete package. The most attractive trait of this Robusto is its short stout package measuring 4.9 inches long by a 50 ring gauge. This cigar looks and feels a lot like the oldest Cuban cigars which were intricately designed and put together by some of the most talented aficionado’s right in their own homes in the past. Just like these vintage cigars this Habano is usually handmade to closely reflect the much loved but until now lost Cuban cigar culture. The dark brown silky wrapper is another feature that further accentuates this cigars stylish look. Adorned with a beautiful golden band this wrapper is a great compliment that brings out the best looking cigar around. Further the wrapper is usually perfectly fit on the cigar a factor that guarantees an unmatched physical perfection. Lighting it up In line with its world class cigar symbol the Bolivar Royal Coronas is a truly well put together cigar that lights perfectly and stays lit. This cigar boasts of a perfect structural integrity that is the culmination of the most advanced and sophisticated cigar making process a factor that contributes to its flawless combustion. Indeed once lit this cigar burns evenly and needs no extra attention thus freeing one up for the more enjoyable exercise of savoring the tastes and flavors present. Apart from its wonderful burn the draw has also been described as truly phenomenal. Smooth, regular and very inviting this cigars draw will definitely make one come back for more. Additionally this particular feature makes it easy and enjoyable to relish this cigar without worrying about controlling the actual smoking process which can be very tiring and stressful. Other important features that usually contribute to a truly magical smoking session include the billows of smoke produced by this cigar which many people commend as sufficient and truly refreshing. Review Like all sophisticated cigars the Bolivar Royal Coronas has an extremely intriguing and fascinating flavor profile that will appeal to all types of people. From the first puff one can sense a characteristic earthiness and spicy flavors that are the essence of this cigar. These are elegantly blended with a powerful woody taste. Throughout the cigar these tastes are predominant the only variation being their strength and power. However towards the end of the stick one can sense a fascinating twist that brings on a smooth hearty aroma that serves as a perfect ending to such a wonderful smoke. Unlike most pricy cigars this Robusto is definitely worth its value. Indeed by choosing this cigar one is guaranteed of an exquisitely magical Havana experience that will stay with them for a very long time.

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