Bolivar Inmensas

  • Length: 170mm / 6. 6 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 43
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Aroma: Spicy
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Bolivar Inmensas
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Right from the pre-draw one can accurately predict the rich powerful flavor profile that this cigar offers. However its predominantly powerful spicy tastes are particularly popular and can be savored throughout the cigar. From the first puff one is hit by an overwhelming powerful spicy and tobacco blend that only gets stronger as the smoke proceeds. Around the halfway mark there are notable traces of delicious creamy tastes that usually soften this smoke but not too much as the initial flavors tend to get stronger by the minute. Towards the finish this cigar give a harsh powerful kick with all the predominant flavors coming to a kind of a climax that can leave one a bit overwhelmed and completely satiated. Given its strong powerful flavor profile this cigar is a popular favorite for most traditional Havana fans.

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The Bolivar Inmensas is a beautifully designed slender cigar that truly epitomizes the old traditional Havana smoking experience. This cigar captivates its fans with a very powerful and enriching flavor regime that is particular popular with the diehard traditionalists aficionados who value the roots of this beautiful culture. Apart from its formidable and impressive powerful aromas this cigar also offers a wide range of other pleasantly striking features. Its stylish slender design is one of the most popular traits that have made this cigar into an important official style statement that is very trendy and fashionable. Indeed most people seeking to enjoy a truly magical smoking experience while showing off their unique sense of style prefer this legendary cigar. Structure and appearance The Bolivar Inmensas is a truly beautiful and easy to handle Cuban cigar. One of the facts that make this cigar an unrivaled style statement includes its perfect slender shape. This cigar comes in a beautiful package measuring 6.75 inches long by 43 ring gauge that gives it its popular sleek and slender look. This particular feature has been very instrumental in getting this cigar its fanatical following especially amongst conservative traditionalists aficionados. Other notable features that complete this classic stick include its Beautiful dark silky wrapper that gives it an extremely sophisticated look. Adorned by an equally spectacular creamy band this wrapper is impeccably designed and fitted on the cigar. Indeed there are no obvious physical defects on this cigar such as veins and grains a factor that further enhances the quality of this smoking experience. Other features that truly set this cigar apart include its well spread filler and overall internal structural integrity. Indeed this sophisticated Habano seems to have it all from style to quality, factors that are truly hard to find amongst the mass produced Cuban cigars. Lighting Given it near perfect structural integrity the Bolivar Inmensas is extremely enjoyable and easy to smoke. It burns smoothly right from the start to the finish and hardly ever requires to be relit. Further this Habano produces a beautiful cream grey smoke that is both tasty and voluminous thus further enhancing the quality of the overall smoking experience. A firm sturdy ash is another feature that most diehard fans of this cigar have cited. Indeed while smoking this Habano the ash hardly ever falls off which makes for a truly tidy clean and delightful smoke. Other notable features that have made this cigar into a modern day classic Cuban legend include its easy smooth draw that is highly regular and easy to control. Apart from making this cigar a pure delight to smoke, these features have also ensured that one can sit back and actually savor the astounding and captivating flavor profile of this cigar.

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