Bolivar Gold Medal

  • Length: 126mm / 4.9 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Aroma: Vegetal
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Bolivar Gold Medal
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Right from the beginning after unwrapping the foil one can distinctively make out a rich tobacco aroma that essentially gives one a preview of what to expect from the Bolivar Gold Medal. However one is pleasantly surprised by the obvious spicy and sweet tastes that engulf them in the first few puffs instead of the much anticipated tobacco tastes. After a few more puffs, powerfully captivating woody and earthy tastes usually take over the flavor profile. Proceeding with the smoke the cigar acquires pleasantly full bodied black pepper and leathery tastes that makes this a truly magical and unforgettable experience. Finally towards the end of the cigar the taste profile becomes surprisingly more powerful making it hard to wide off this relaxing and refreshing experience.

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The history of the Bolivar Gold Medal seems to be very volatile and unpredictable. Equally unpredictable are its attractive features that have made it into a world class cigar competing in an extremely competitive Cuban cigar market. Indeed in the last few years many aficionados have vouched for this beautifully crafted cigar that seems to offer a lot more than expected. From its impeccable design and excellent structure to its wide range of tantalizing flavors and tastes this cigar really has it all. These among other striking features have been very instrumental in the creation of a true legend within the cigar industry that continues to attract all types of people regardless of their experience or preferences. Appearance This is an extremely striking cigar with its beautiful golden foil that usually gives it an unmatched sense of style and uniqueness. Further the foil is usually perfectly designed and fit onto the cigar showing a unique attention to detail mainly characteristic with the Bolivar Gold Medal. This foil delicately wraps around an equally classy brown oily and silky wrapper that is a trademark of this cigar. The wrapper is another flawless and intricately designed feature of this cigar that goes a long way in giving it that classy and quality look. Indeed the wrapper betrays no structural defects such as veins meaning that this cigar is definitely a delight to smoke. It’s perfectly proportional size is another factor that largely contributes to the overall classy package. Measuring 6.5 inches long by a 42 ring gauge this cigar is both sleek and stylish a factor that goes a long way in attracting and keeping most of its diehard fans. Lighting it up The first step in enjoying this cigar is the peeling off of the foil. Although this sounds quite easy it is actually very tricky as the foil is very intimately fit on the wrapper and any sudden moves can ruin the beautiful wrapper. After this ritual one can then proceed to light this pleasantly aromatic cigar and enjoy what promises to be a truly magical experience. Lighting this cigar is fairly easy as it tends to catch on quickly and burns steadily without going off for the entire smoking session. This steady and easy combustion can be linked to its perfect structural integrity that ensures no interference. Apart from its easy and perfect burn this cigar also has a perfect regular draw that makes it a true delight to smoke. Indeed while smoking this cigar most people confess to losing track of time as it is exceptionally easy to smoke and thus very relaxing. Further since one doesn’t have to keep lighting and relighting this cigar in the course of the smoke they can sit back and enjoy a truly relaxing and invigoration recipe of aromas.

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