Bolivar Coronas Junior

  • Length: 111mm / 4. 3 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 30-45min
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Bolivar Coronas Junior
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Bolivar Coronas Junior is made by Bolivar in Cuba. It is currently the smallest Bolivar in regular production. This cigar is small, but it surely is a true Bolivar. It is a complex small cigar that gets very powerful and may overpower many a palate. It is medium to full-bodied, full-flavored and of great construction. It obviously is the Petit Coronas’ little brother, but with its own character. Of course, the typical Bolivar earthiness is present, accompanied by quite a lot of spice and some coffee. But the nutty sweetness from the Petit Coronas is in the Coronas Junior replaced by more fruity flavors. The Bolivar Coronas Junior is a handmade, petit corona shaped cigar. Its dimensions are 110 millimeter in length, 16.67 millimeter in diameter, and has a ring gauge of 42, weighted at around 7.50 grams. It is presented in a two layer box of 25 cigars. The cigar itself has a beautiful chocolate brown wrapper that is slightly toothy and is very well constructed. It is a pre-light draw hint at earthy, almost barnyard flavors that enlighten to the fact that this is going to be a very rich and earthy smoke. On the nose, you can detect hay, straw and a faint touch of honey. The construction is excellent - an easy draw allowing a highly satisfying level of smoke.

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This cigar starts off directly in typical Bolivar manner, powerful, with aromas of earth and leather. After lighting the Bolívar Coronas Junior and drawing heavily on the Cigar, you managed to get a few puffs and a few of its flavours. The cigar burns laser straight, the draw is medium and offers loads of delicious smoke. It tasted of butter, herbs, sweet spices, toffee and cream. The draw is very firm, that you would be confident enough to be able to smoke it, and actually enjoy it. On the taste, you will notice plenty of 'Bolívar-esque' flavours. Sweet tobacco with a robust leather element introduced them very early during the first third. Towards the second third, you can detect some dark chocolate that playfully appears and disappears underneath the leather flavour tones of the Cigar. The leather element along with a smooth creaminess that began to come to the fore throughout the second and final third of the Cigar was delightful. And it is indeed a little less powerful. It is quite strong, but not at all harsh. It tastes delicious - spicy cedar and strong coffee flavours, with a hint of blackberries and maple syrup. It delivers a smooth, nutty long lasting finish. It lasts about three quarters of an hour. For such a young Cigar, the Bolívar Coronas Junior was so unbelievably mature. In a true Bolivar fashion, it is honest, strong and has a bold smoke. It packs a lot of power in just a small package. The flavours for such a short Cigar, were robust and forthcoming, and there were no signs of the dreaded sick period. The back-end makes a very pleasant, sweet licorice. It never fails to please. It has excellent draw and burn and is very well constructed. These cigars are very satisfactory and you can enjoy them after a meal, after a tiring day at work, or at any time of the day. When you need a quick cigar and you want the Bolivar profile, this is an excellent choice. Rich flavours, big smoke. These are delicious little cigars. These are stellar little cigars. These are wonderful, spectacular cigars featuring wonderful flavors, construction and value for the price. This cigar would surely make a huge difference.

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